Lisa has been a physiotherapist for over 15 years, hear what her patients say…


“Lisa treated me for a slipped disc at a time when I was in constant pain that affected everything I did.

She accurately diagnosed exactly what was wrong, spoke to my GP and quickly organised what needed to happen. Within six short weeks of two sessions a week with very comprehensive exercises to complete at home she had me walking without pain and well on the road to recovery.

Her manner is excellent, you really feel that you are in expert and kind hands.

Thanks to her Pilates classes which are aimed at recovering injuries while also challenging in their own right, I have become stronger and more flexible with no more back pain.”


“I saw Lisa as a result of stress incontinence and frequency issues, needing to go to the toilet urgently without warning.  

I found Lisa knowledgeable, friendly and competent. She was able to put me completely at ease in dealing with a matter which I thought I would find embarrassing. Lisa made me feel ‘normal’. 

The exercises and advice Lisa provided were clear and realistic…and most of all they worked. 

I had been doing pelvic floor exercises for years, but it turns out I wasn’t doing them correctly. I have now re-learnt the correct technique with Lisa’s help and no longer have stress incontinence or urgency problems. 

It was all so simple, once Lisa provided me with her expertise and I put in some work. I had previously seen a consultant who had tested my pelvic floor and simply told me it was weak but did not identify that I was not exercising it correctly. Hence with his advice, the problem was becoming worse as I practised more. 

I do have to keep on doing my pelvic floor exercises, but I now have a daily routine to fit them in and don’t forget which keeps me strong and in control.”

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